With a steady hand borne of years of experience handling complex criminal and civil cases, Levin & Curlett advocates for clients facing their greatest personal and business challenges.


The firm represents clients in complex civil and criminal matters at the trial and appellate levels, including white collar defense, False Claims Act and qui tam whistleblower cases, and in other enforcement and regulatory contexts.


Whatever the litigation matter, we bring decades of experience to bear to achieve the most favorable results possible for our clients.

Litigation Experience Where It Counts

Our lawyers are highly trained advocates, having served as prosecutors in the Department of Justice and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and having practiced complex civil and criminal litigation with leading national law firms.

News & Media

  • The Baltimore police officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest and transport who are now suing the city’s top prosecutor have aired a litany of grievances about the way the criminal cases against them were conducted Read more »...

  • BALTIMORE—Federal prosecutors on Wednesday announced indictments against 80 people, including 18 correctional officers, who are accused of taking part in a conspiracy to smuggle drug, cellphones and other illicit items into Maryland’s largest state prison. Read more »...

  • Nuremberg taught us that a soldier cannot claim that he was “only following orders” to excuse illegal conduct; the soldier must refuse. Legal ethics impose a similar duty on subordinate lawyers. But mutiny is a difficult thing to ask of someone in an effective chain......