State Criminal Defense

Levin & Curlett has an established track record of successfully defending clients accused of serious crimes in state court. State courts function very differently from federal courts, and having defense counsel experienced in defending cases in this environment is of paramount importance. The consequences can be equally as severe.


In recent years, we have successfully defended police officers charged with murder, aggravated animal cruelty, and misconduct in office, among other crimes, winning acquittals in high profile state court trials.


Our lawyers are experienced former prosecutors, hailing from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as well as United States Attorneys’ Offices. Relying on a wealth of experience from early careers spent in those offices, and years of service in the criminal defense bar, Levin & Curlett is prepared to defend the most serious crimes in state court.


Serious state crimes that warrant top-flight counsel include:



Embezzlement and Theft


Narcotics Possession and Trafficking

Weapons Possession

Crimes Against the Person

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